on your birthday, kid!

'Happy birthday kid!'
I told my son
Early in the morn,
He was sleeping though,
And I was taken to a slideshow-
Of the day he was born;

The day was fifteenth, time was soft,
Midafternoon, and the scene rightly popped
In the eyes of my mind,
As I witnessed the birth of whom I pined
For long, months and seasons...
Me and she had all the reasons
To pray to Him, every moment,
To us, finally, a baby He sent,
A baby soft as cotton, white as the autumnal cloud,
And seeing the first light how he cried out aloud,
As if he was a bit irritated, his long slumber broken,
From a sweet dream, as if he was woken;

'Happy Birthday, son' I murmured to my child asleep,
And to my surprise, he, my kid, out of his blanket, peeped,
And he jumped out of sleepy bed,
And on my cheeks he his kiss laid...


  1. two beautiful gifts--one for d parents n d other for d kid--all d recipients would accept d gifts as their best one.
    really my friend,d poem is beatiful.it only brings tears n songs n poetries n dreams.really dear--its awesome--d content,d words n d emotion---i simply love it,love everything it presents, love d art of gift giving.


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