on your bosom, give me peace...

Can't you see the sky?
As blue as your eyes...
And the leafless branches there
And the songs of winter in the air...

Can't you get the smell of flower?
In our heavenly emerald bower...
So orange the marigolds shine
As if they felt Love mine;

And the pigeons there play
Under the sky so blue and gay,
And the children pad up for a match
On the greenish cricket patch;

Can't you see the couples entwined?
Hugging and kissing as their love they find,
And the park of our childhood
Dressed in fur, in a gaiety mood...

There the hot-air balloons fly
Life is just a piece of pie!
Savour it dear till it lasts,
Shrugging off  all our unsavory past!

Come out of your closed door
For my spirit up and up soar!
Catch my hand as I float
Life is not an empty boat!

Catch me young, make me kiss,
On your bosom, give me peace!
Give me a chance to lie,
On the grass, with you flowing by;


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