missing the last train home...

The train leaving me far away went
Cutting through the smoggy evening late
And I noticed how it bent
Where into dark, its last puff sent...

I, for a while, just stood
Watching the passage of the homeward train last!
I knew I was lost in the wood...
And find, for the night, a shelter must!

But where could one find a place
In a deserted station poor!
I thought I was in a mess
And cursed my fate, sure!

'So, missed the train? right?'
I heard someone spoke me loud
Turned around to see her, my Night!
Standing so near, under a shroud...

She smiled as if she knew it well
Though, all the story was kept untold,
She came near, to cast on me,a spell
And pulled me into her mysterious fold!

I smelled and  touched her black hair,
So soft and silky, my God!
I think I was possessed by all the dare
As, like a shadow of hers,did I trod!

Thus I missed my train home
Forever, like a man,who crossed the bar,
I found my night so beauty aplomb-
That I kept myself glued to her!


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