I am not lying...babe...
You're my rainbow cave...
Where once Coleridge to conceive Cain stooped
And also by the maid with dulcimer got so much moved!

Come'n! don't you believe it my sleepy dove?
So calm and composed as you sit on my spring roof
Keeping me from the din and bustle so aloof?
Come'n! my rose!
My Vanilla close...
You could once be property of Paramount Pictures Production
Considering how you fill me with dance, romance, comedy-a super combo-sensation!
You're a resource
Linking me all the time with love's discourse....

And I recline, I think, I deconstruct
And make scribbles your kitchen air-duct...
I be post mod, be ancient
Trained by you!
(my fiendish friend!)
From nonsense verse to a movie Hollywood
I find you everywhere...
And I'm not lying...touch wood!


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