Me a linnet could upon sword press my breast...if you so wish...

Me a linnet sing a song
When for someone your eyes long
Someone very close to your heart
Someone from whom you've forever fallen apart...
 Me come every other day
To be near you for a brief stay...
At morn, at noon, at lonely night
When your cheeks glisten bright
By water salty so cleansed and bathed
When you're love sick,down and feeling betrayed...
Me a linnet see  you there
Pining profusely for someone near
Someone for whom your doors are left ajar
Someone gone from you seven light years far...
Someone on whom you once so much relied
Someone taken away from you by the harshest river-tide...

Me a linnet come to take away all
Your poisoned nights filled by gall...
Me a linnet wish you to come out
To see how from cacti flowers also sprout!
Me a linnet wishing you a love filled life
Without pains, thorns, blood and strife!
Me a linnet wishing you to fly
With me to the big,broad,blue,gay sky!
Me a linnet could upon sword also press
My soft feathery clean white breast!


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