when this morn the sky is so teardrops filled...

This morn, the sky is so teardrops filled
And the streets and lanes are so watery...
Please dear, leave all run-of-the-mill
Stories of 'domestic walls' and grocery...

This morn as the rain pitter-patter
On me,on you,on our eyes so wet,
Please dear, jot your complaints down later...
Come lets go out for a rainy date!

We would walk down the roads shining and moist
You'll jump over little ponds here and there
I would be pleased to face my love's tryst
And the water from Heaven would of us take care...

Then we, so much drenched, would be shivering a bit
You would ask for all of my warmth
I would give you a caffeine-laden treat
And our love would surely have a newer birth!

You would take from the smoking cup a sip
I would just watch how rain water drip
From your hair like small beads of glass
And thus dear, we would let time imperceptibly pass...


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