you...a goddess of whims...

If you were not before me, dear
I would be so many mistakes ridden...
But as you're there, I fear
Mistakes also do come...

You're like a paradox
So tangled me in your locks
I can't go away...
In your harbor, my tired ship forever docks...

What to do dear? tell me?
Leave you behind
Searching for life of another kind?

Can't do that dear...simply can't
Your name like a devoted soul I do chant!

 Why my mind gets so clouded?
Why you come to me by mystery shrouded?
Why you pull and push me same?
Why break and make me, my dame?

You're surely the God's most whimsical state
You're surely by His all frenzy made...
You are so forceful sometimes like a storm
Next moment only pool of water you on my heart form...


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