when love meet...against a gray gray setting...

Against the setting so much gray
And a mossy wall standing still upright
Seen her so often waiting night and day...
Seen her there in the dying twilight!

Against the backdrop of a decaying street
And dark clouds of sad sad hue
O how she stands there for a strange meet
With her love account still overdue!

Never garnered the courage to face
Your so impassioned dreamy state
Like a coward, slipped through the backyard gate
And turned to dryness, calling it my fate...

But last night never found her at the wall
Not even before that gray tower tall
Thought she had disappeared feeling let down
Thought she with tears left my town...

Coward me then felt real bad
'How could I be so afraid
Of consequences or destiny's test
Which could never douse my  inner unrest?'

Ran and ran all through the streets
Hoping to find her somewhere, on any busy lane...
Ran madly-my heart losing a few beats
Hoping every time to find her certain...

But couldn't find her anywhere
Every lane, street, bye-lane ransacked,
Couldn't find her at any city square
So many boisterous people packed...

Losing my steam, like a roughened soul
Was about to drop fatigued on a lonely bench
Just then felt a hand warm on my frozen hand cold
As looked sideways, kind of surprised and tensed...

There! there! o my god!
My love against the brightest setting
Of the same town distinctly odd
How appeared for the strange meeting!


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