at the Dorina Crossing...

At the Dorina crossing
His car was caught
In a traffic snarl
He was woefully wrought...

With nothing to do
Sitting in his car
He looked out of the window
To see it wide and far...

At a bus-stop near
The blue saree did unfurl
He thought what he feared
Came to him with the snarl...

She there stood absent
Her eyes were on the street
Her image brought to his present
Memories so much bestirred...

The blue saree aflutter
In the wind so soft and slow
Make him only stutter
Bathed as he was in pinkish glow...

He was taken to his youngish days
Days of rock n rolls
Days of loving the blue blue gaze
Days of  being desperate souls...

At the Dorina crossing
The blue saree made his day,
Even in the chaotic traffic unrest
His love his memories put to test!

He thought he should jump off
From his cozy comfortable seat
To the blue saree still at the busstop
Right at the other side of  city street!

But suddenly then the chaos cleared
And the cars started moving good
The blue saree got smeared
By the smokes of filthy city soot!


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