a red lettered day!

That day had all the ballooned hope
Of love written by someone
On the lane that had all the scopes
Towards a highway taking a formidable turn!

That day had a girl
Towards her eighteenth spring overslept,
That day brought a green signal
To my bicycle-crashing into her garden gate!

That day who could forget
How with a red salwar descended
That day how I finally met
With a greeting's card flowery printed!

That day had all the cries of joys spread huge
That day broke a few records of cities so deluged!
That day had markets with roses going so scarce
That day also had all the secret, silent prayers!

That day I wish to come to us ever
That day I wish to spend with her qualms and fear!
That day should stay whatever be the date
That day I wish to every almanac set!


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