Cupid misfired his arrow thus...

'O mother!
Why you sent me here so?
With these golden arrows and bow?
How can I shoot this maid
Such a  beauty asleep on bed?'

Cupid shook and murmured these
Seeing Psyche's beauty without leash...
On the silvery satin sheet
So ethereally by moon light lit...

But he knew at his heart
He could never his mind divert
For he was sent by Venus, his mom,
To create a strong fiery storm
Which could possibly break and twist
And throw Psyche into the mist-
Out of which she would never be freed
Love would be her death decreed;

Cupid shot the arrow thus
But the arrow made a cut as it passed
And blood dripped from Cupid's hand
Arrow of love missed its targeted land

Cupid's arrow made a bruise
Instead of Psyche, Cupid it chose
The hunter became the hunted fine
For Psyche his heart forever pined!


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