tonight, let me be...

Tonight please don't call me that way
For tonight by passion I burn...
Tonight Eros holds all the sway,
Tonight towards a mistake could I turn!

Had I been a Plato
Would have arguments so much in disfavour
Of going head over heels so
By finding in you my ancient lover!

I would then by debates established
How Love could be fragmented into parts
But don't you dear think that would only please
A rock like hardened deserted depopulated earth?

Alas! I am no Plato
And have no Symposium by my side
I am such a Homo Sapiens ditto
But only with your knowledge of beauty I glide...

That could make me a frog
Into a well forever fallen blind,
But when you insulate me like the dense fog
Can I ever grow into any philosopher kind?

So...tonight just let me be the candle
And let me burn  to ashes slow
Tonight only Time could my fire spindle...
As my love in molten lava with redness glow...

Let me be left in that liquid, afire
Let me be thus left in plasma- wavy and burnt
Who knows my candle might all the light bear?
And could turn into your perfect blazing hot Sun?


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