a souvenir...from her

'Won't you leave
A souvenir for me?'
She asked looking close
To the brown pupils of her man
Who had all the remorse
Of leaving her behind...

'What could I give you, say?'
He mumbled, unsure
Yet to get rid of the lure
Of the hair that smelt of jasmine
Of those eyes with lashes long
Of those arms over which his head did presently lean
Of the voice that whispered a  forgotten song...

'Just plant  kisses moist
On me all over this evening
Let the setting sun be the only witness
To the goosebumps your touch on my skin can bring...'
Saying this, she flung open her strings that bind
Her lustrous glory, her beauteous self
So long kept for her man confined...

He looked at the vast expanse of the sea
That lied ahead, with an orange hue
As the sun bathed so shamelessly...
Leaving her every bit of garment
Bit by bit, for his eyes to see...

Thus she gave a souvenir instead
To her man, who would leave her to the time
Thus she left everything unpaid
To her man, who couldn't a souvenir for her find...


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