if love is let loose, unleashed...it grows...

If I ever wish to go away from you
Don't be with sadness gripped for long,
For I going away an inch only makes it due
My coming back several yards at one jump strong!
  If you ever in me unearth
Relics of a vast paleolithic age
Have just the belief that there's no dearth
Of your love in me, for you stay unfazed...
  If you find one night me in a bag packed
Ready for a journey to the unknown
Don't ever think that our love lacked
All the nursing,for the tree had grown...
  Mighty and strong...reaching for the sky...
And now that it stands head held high
  Remember it had also sent down its roots
Deep deep into where our love forever reboots...

If I ever feel like going out
You just send me a kiss
That would be the strongest glue no doubt
For love would only grow if let loose, unleashed!


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