you're a multitasker fine!

Wonder what are you doing at this moment
Making coffee and thinking of me?
Or doing two things separately?

You loved to keep the divide
Between your daily chores
And the love for me, you easily glide...

If you're brewing your coffee right
Can you still with me by your talks fight?
If you're bathing under the shower
Are you keeping me off, your lover?

Wonder if you're still that much smart-
Keeping me on one shelf of your heart
And on the other, all your daily grime
Juggling your assigned role by the Time...

Wonder what are you, a superwoman?
Or a practiced on-stage showman?
How you keep everything clean?
Your kitchen sink and heart unseen?

Wonder whether you're a multitasker
Shuttling effortlessly between the near and the far?
How you can keep us two together?
One on your routine and on your bosom the other?


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