a charmer under the moon...an enchantress...

Returning to my homeland
Through the highway so vacant
My car broke down with a bang
In the middle of nowhere- all of a sudden...

Got out of the car
Raised the bonnet to find inside
Smoke from overheating with my engine charred
Stood like a dumb not knowing to decide...

Pushed the car to one side of the road
And looked around to find a help
Only found how drops of dewy load
On my face and hands and everywhere laid...

The open country so young and vast
Under the moonlight like a mystery spread
Just then thought a shadowy cast
Coming up to me from memory not so fade...

She came walking in a slow gait
Like a charmer under the moon
She came like an enchantress
With a silvery sparkling shoon...

Looked at her shiny face
A moist sweaty tempting one
Saw her lips so supple
Saw her neck how bent like a swan...

She came and placed her fingers on my lips
She came to place me deep within her
She showed me how her bosom heaved
And made me play with her silky hair...

I thus got completely disarrayed
By lustful romance in the mist
I thus went totally astray
As fervently I her insanely kissed...

Under the moon, in the open field
With mist and fog curtaining all shame
The woman with blue eyes a few fathoms deep
The starving tiger within me thus tamed...


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