how much he stretched his dream of love...

'I know you're so young
And your heart is so tempestuous
But can't you leave for me a song
And make me for once, joyous?'

She asked him holding tight
 His palms close to her breast,
She looked as if stricken by plight
And as if she was with herself at unrest...

He looked at her sweet surrender
He got so much by fancy stirred
He felt like giving in to her
His all youth for her unbarred...

So he bent before her
And kissed her on her lips parched
His warmth he thus once shared
As his heart with drum beatings marched...

She clutched onto him
As someone sinking hold
On to a straw or a log of wood to swim
The rush of water so bold!

But he never to her did clear
That he was also trying to swim
With her across the flood of tears
How much he stretched his love's dream...


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