forgive me....and my escapes...

Last evening
Riding on my one eighty c.c engine
Suddenly got the flavour of spring
Coming to me like tiny white blooms singing...

Stopped to look around
A tree not far away found
Wondered what kind of tree was it...
Which brought the evening to me lit...

'That's our lemon tree...'
Someone said looking at me
Stopped awkward right on the village road
That disappeared into the city broad...

I smiled and again looked
At the tree and the maiden
Felt both of them how me shook
And poked me to flip open
My notepad...and my pen...

Soon I was engaged
Into a poetic phase
Forgot all my priorities
Didn't want the upsurge to miss...

Now you would be surely crossed
Finding me under a lemon tree lost
But what could I ever do
When the lemon tree brings me cue?

Forgive me if I fail
To fill the water in your pail...
Forgive my absurdity
My escapes from the blazing city...


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