missed the flight...but not missed you...

My car sped through the highway
As dots of lights saw me through
I had a flight to catch and fly away
Leaving a wet hanky of you!

My car jumped all traffic lights
I had the clock ticking hickory dock...
My soul with my brain did constantly fight
Only your eyes wrecked within me a havoc...

Reached the airport in time
The plane was being taxied to the tarmac
Heard sounds of your broken rhyme
Somewhere within me by blood soaked...

Felt so claustrophobic
In a glassy cube locked
Felt like falling so sick
The damn pump within got perhaps choked...

Darkness filled my eyes
Saw nothing but sheer emptiness
Time for me to bid life goodbye
Felt had come finally to me embrace...

Just then believe me dear
Out of black black heart stopping state
Your last whisper of love did I hear
Your face suddenly from the black surfaced...

The pain that was penetrating
Few minutes back me thus killing...
Vanished strangely out of me
And I woke up only to see...

You! dear you! so flushed
By me, on the airport lobby floor
Shaking me, and throwing a gust
Of your air by my mouth as you blow...

Missed the flight doubtless
But life I regained
Missed my ladder-n-snake chase
But you so much I gained!


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