in an elevator,with you...while it started to rain...

Like a floater,you came to be by me just
In the elevator's glassy bubble,
That went down fast,
Putting me into a concrete rubble...

The bubble down straight went
To hit the city's thirsty basement,
Me too went with it down
Clinging to your curious frown...

From thirteenth the elevator plunged
My heart to your eyes lunged
The numbers receded quite abrupt
Floor after floor you and me dropped...

At the tenth the countdown started
Your lips for a whisper parted
'Its going to rain...', your monologue
Kept me with your eyes bogged...

The clouds through the glass looked welcome dark
Saw how God  had sent the watermark
To draw pictures on the bubble of glass
With you, encapsulated, me moments passed...

You and me in a capsule
Had the whole cityscape to fool
You and me just in a spell of shower caught
While the city suffered another drought...

Reaching the floor marked luminous G
You  left raindrops for devastated me...
Unwittingly you, gave me that little space
To be clung to rains and be forever restless...


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