on foamy layer, o my valentine, let us ride!

As the moon is shining sacrosanct
On my heart still so vacant...
As the love is so much in the wintry air,
I wish to knock at your closed door, dear...

And wish to enter your empty chamber
Bringing water from the distant Humber-
The far away river by which once a poet
Cried and cried till his cry reached his love's Iron gate...

I wish to be the same for you my valentine!
I wish to sit on your paving stone and pine...
Waiting to let me in, to your heart, for once,
Just seeking with you a foot-tap rapid dance...

I wish to break your silence
With the help of my poetic licence...
I wish to rip apart all your reserve
For I am the only one who you deserve...

Haven't I proved my love so strong?
Haven't I waited for you since my childhood's morn?
Haven't you also on occasions, returned my stare
Wet by your pining the same, with a glare?

Haven't you kissed me in my dream?
Haven't you showed me your hours so grim?
Haven't you opened that part of yours
For me, from where your love forever down pours...

So why now, you keep such a distance?
Why now you put up so much austere a stance?
Don't you know, love is like a tide
It comes with highs and also with time does die?
Please my dear, uncork those bubbles
Leaving aside so mundane troubles...
On a foamy layer let us ride
Forgetting all great walls of spatial divide!


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