your memories me all the time devour...

Once again I turn to you
My sweet lovely honey dew
Once again I take a dip
Into your dreamy disastrous deep...
O how my love strangely merge
With your memories on the upsurge...

Remember once at a planetarium dark
When creepy crawly fingers to you lurked
You then clung to me so much afraid
And in a whispery tone to me said-
'Can you please possess me here
For the darkness I always fear!'
I then took you on me
My arms got tightened to protect thee...

Remember another rainy evening
Missing me for a week, without me seeing
How you arrived by my sickly bed
How soft on my heart did you tread!
How you took away all my pains
How by your kisses my running temperature you drained!

On another our favourite place 
You had perhaps turned up late...
O how much I got tensed and worried
To and fro I walked the street hurried...
Then a deeper truth within me I faced
Why and how you leave me so restless!
A few minutes' wait seemed like a whole century dried,
A few minutes' wait left me in sobs and sighs!

Memories of you within me how pant
Memories of you are so much abundant
That I could set them into a book or a film
I could leave them forever for you untrimmed...
I could write a few pages more
Your memories me all the time devour!


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