the infatuated earth...

The western front was all red
As vermillion smeared from your forehead,
Somehow reached the horizon by trees lined
And there your freed beauty did I once find...

Your bangles made the soft tingle
As you walked on the narrow path
Encapsulated me there all single...
A flint of fire aroused my ashen hearth...

Looked at your brightened face
So blushed up and reddened a view,
You smile slowly on your eyes surfaced
Catching me unawares by the red rosy hue...

You stopped from your next stride
You turned around like a village bride
You beamed at me with your eyes
Right there where once a river died...

Then you took hold of me
As if you're blessed with satiety
Of the twilight giving the shape
To the evening, by infatuation set...



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