the mango grove of Plassey...

The mango grove now so quiet
Carry still, perhaps, blood in black and white
Of yester years battle, involving men on horseback
Covered horribly by bloody and historical muck...

Now, of course so silent
History kept on branches bent
Of mango trees old and huge
By archival annals so much deluged...

The famous mango grove where Siraj fought,
Conspiracy and hatred so strangely overwrought-
These very mango trees all by tiny greenish blooms scented
And also so unhappily by darkened blood so invisibly tainted...

The mango grove where the betrayal took place
The trees standing to treason a silent witness...
The mango grove of Plassey, by Bhagirathi river
With blood, muck, treason still shiver!


  1. Very nice poetry neelam, bahut umda apnay to haqeqat bayan karde. 4 line and fully history of plassey

    1. Intikhab ahmad on facebook at gmail


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