our story waiting for your edit...

Suppose just, you and me 
Rudderless left in an open sea...
You would from me away drift
I would try to be by you swift;
But surely the waves would be huge and strong
You somewhere for me would then long...
Surely tears from your black eyes would mix
Slowly with the salty water of the Pacific!
I would your name call out loud
You would be in a seamless doubt...
Where I had gone? Did I the shore hit?
I would also search for you till you I would meet...

It would perhaps take a whole long year
Perhaps you'd be driven to another land dear!
Perhaps both of us would thus live seperate
Perhaps that would be all written on our fate!

But then our destiny could be a bit kind
I could easily you within the clamour find...
Then we would swim together to a land of dreams
Where love, our body and soul would just over-brim...

I leave the story of us thus on a double edged end
Now you can always find ways to put an amend
To my foolish, impassioned, fantastical tale
And send me the edited one by your next pink enveloped mail!


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