you're sick of my love here's a sordid tale...

Perhaps you're kind of sick
Of my love-seeped polemic
Of kisses and hugs and sugary words
And accuse me of being an escapist!

Well...if that is with what you now me accuse
Of trees, songs, women being my muse...
I wish to put before you a sordid tale
Of how love marriages also fail!

Once a boy in a girl found
All he desired in his life so far,
And together they spent several days by going around
In gardens, parks, industrial fairs...
They placed palms on each other
They crossed vows like no other...
They did all lovers do usual
Spending money on each others shopping mall...
They kissed hard before saying good night
They long kissed in broad daylight...
Soon they got married under oath
Taken front of parents of both
They started living in true
They still did what all lovers do...

After few years the boy perhaps felt it bad
To be so quickly grown-up from being a lad...
The girl perhaps wanted something else
She wanted money, freedom and space...
So evenings which were earlier so sensuous and bright
Turned into something sordid and full of plight...
They quarelled on simple things
Who should empty the waste-paper bins?
Who should do the laundry right?
Upon things such they started a fight;

A few years more into marriage by choice
They started raising resentful voice
Finding void and emptiness dark
Finding themselves under teeth of a shark!
They remained calm for a few days...
But unrest left a trailing blaze
Within them they burnt every time
Bells of love forgot to chime;

Last one night it went beyond limit
They reached their tussles' summit!
He slapped her
She did retaliate
Thus a bed of thorns they did create
On the same consummation bed
Where once their pearls of love they did shed...

The bed had remained a clumsy dump
Pains of love now have become a lump
Within their throats still so full of thirst
Within their breast love still waiting to open burst!

O my dear! can't you see?
They just need a bit of love's rediscovery?
So please don't you so imprudently accuse me...

For hate is even more painful than love
For love-life could take a lethal curve...


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