you suit it best as a cursor...on my mind...blinking...

You like a cursor sometimes blink
On my blank mind's page as the evenings sink
Into the mist laden field of my youth so vivid
You, my mind's cursor towards interjections lead...

Then sometimes you're my paintbrush
O so many colors you me dress!
I be blue of the sky, the white of the clouds and also green lush!
You  thus dip me into buckets of paints fresh!

The other day...when you came like a glow worm
Into my bleakest hour so melancholia drenched
Felt as if towards a rivulet of a new dawn  I swam
Forgetting all graveyard poems that my heart wrenched...

Another day, when the air became sultry
You came like an earthen pot of water...
By being cold, sweeping sensation on me so paltry...
From scorching heat you sent me afar!

You're another name of multiplicity, dear!
Coming to me as someone mature and still in teens...
I, like an avid lover,just all your varied forms bear
But holding all of you is surely beyond my means!

 So...I think,you suit it best as a cursor
Blinking and making words so frenzied...
So useless, however,without any lustre-
Compared to the love with which every moment I died!


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