give me respite...from my Joycean city...

Woke up at a Joycean dawn
Finding dry leaves scattered on my lawn...
And the chimney smoke how disperse
Making the blue certainly scarce!

Find how my city of the Raj
By acid rains get all smudged...
Find how in processions snake like
People shout atop vehicles with mike...

Every day the city thus die
Though we rarely heave a sigh
Every night diesel autos choke
Trees and people with blackish smoke!

Wish I would have someone at a balcony
Standing there with reasons phony...
Wish I would be given a singular respite
From taking in the venomous light...

Wish she would be taking me out
From my city under a rout
Wish she would take me beyond
Of plastic filled dried up ponds...

Wish she would be oneday my voice
Hammering in the way my James Joyce
Brought before rusted people's memory
The city of Dublin plotted in a sooty post war story...


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