Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The maiden with Lotus

Out of water She came
With Lotus in her hand, the dame,
I looked at the blooming flower
And thought was it not a wonder
That She came with the Lotus thus
In her hand, its white and pink hue,
Its soft petals drenched by water and dew,
I Her asked, ' Now that I am here thinking thee
How come thou arrive so, with the Lotus,
Is it for me?'

And She said nothing in reply,
But before my eyes,
She make the Lotus bloom further,
Its white and pink splendour
How spread from her hand to her feet,
And that sight how made me to sit
Quiet and motionless,
Perhaps I became without speech too,
Seeing thus the heavenly view,

' Who art thou?
What thee want?
From which unknown land
Thou hath come?'

I asked Her,
As if in disbelief,
' art thou real? Or a myth?'

The Lotus pink and white
Was left by Her , just by my side,

' if you can sit for hours
Gazing at water,
If on water you can reflect,
Then you will know
What is my secret'

She spake that only
With a smile on her lips,
She said nothing more
For me other that those words  to keep,
And then She went away,
Like the way She came,
Going back to water
The divine dame,

I thought it must have been
A fantastic dream,

But the Lotus ?
So pink and white?
Was not that real?
A beautiful sight?

I thought it reminded me so many things,
How Lord Buddha carried it in His immortal wings,
How The Devi Incarnate carried that too,
How about that once Confucius spoke,

The Lotus ,
I just gently stroked,
Touching its petals
Its winged shape,
With its  blooming splendour
How I wished to get draped.

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