Monday, January 1, 2018

Being bel ami

As thou come from faraway land
As in thy hands thou hold the time's sand
'Tell me,' said I once to the rose so french
'What can I do now that by thy love thou me drench?'

Hearing me saying so she just smiled
It had not joys but hurts hidden without guile
'Have you ever seen a rose being plucked
Have  you ever seen how it gets hurt
Once its petals are torn by acts without mercy
Have you ever wished to feel and by heart see
How the silent tears gather on petals quiet
How they still sparkle whence kissed by light?'

How was by pain I  incurably wrought
Hearing her saying so how only agony brought
I just kept mum for hours few
I just looked at her face so glistened by dew,

And she spake, gently kissing my forehead
'Now that have I told you , my heart
Now that have I told you, my hurts
Can I call you my bel ami?
Can me be your belle amie?'

I looked at her wonderous gaze
It was filled with inescapable kindness
I just stared at her like a bemused child
I just looked at her smile soft and mild,

' tell me, ' I murmured like a leaf in breeze
' what can I do for thee , say please?'

And she like a benign creature rose
To my hand she gave no arrows
But she left me with a feather dipped in ink
And that happening to her me linked,

'From now on , I can only say
I will remain thy child come what may
For thee will my songs will I sing
Whence thou so much happiness doth bring'
Saying thus I took my pen to my heart
There I tried to make thousand roses bloom smart
Without any tinge of pain or neglect
There I Love's sacred shrine did erect
And for her,  belle amie , I vowed to keep
All of  my love profound and deep.

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