Sunday, January 14, 2018

I dreamt that I stood in a valley

I dreamt that I stood in a valley one night
The sky fell on my shoulders with her light
The stars and other celestial things
They glittered quiet , in my heart they did sing
Of life and its wonder as spread far and wide
I stood there complete, taken over by the sight
As if again am I made to feel and hear
How all things have place right there
In thy bosom, thy overwhelming beauty,
How under the canopy of sky  I saw thee,

From far how came the songs of silence
Carried by ether, through the woods dense,
As if that song had been there all night and day
For us to hear it and be glad by that lay,

I stood in the valley and I dreamt of thee
One morning filled with that same calm and glee
The sky then was filled with songs too
Mellifluous, touching me by its blue,
I spread my arms like a winged one
I dreamt of thee again that beautiful morn
And songs came to my mouth , my lips
They touched right there where thy beauty I keep,
And made me to just stand there quite amazed
I dreamt of thee in the morning's blaze,

I stood in the valley and dreamt of thee
And I  dreamt that thou stood before me.

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