Tuesday, January 2, 2018

To belle amie

Now that I find my rest in thee
So wrought by thy exquisite poetry
Let me write for thee more
O belle amie whence thy Love thee pour

How with thee I take a flight
To the kingdom of heaven
Drenched by morning's light

How with thee do I think to reach
At the gate golden sans time's breach
Where music flows eternal and true
Where for thou I gather words few

Only to put them all at thy feet
O bel amie how for thou do I meet
The flowers forever swinging haply in breeze
Songs forever flowing without cease

From my throat so far muted a soul
How for thee my songs I unscroll
And by thy wonder how I go on writing
From dawn to dusk, night to morning,

As if there is no end to thy bless
Thy awesome poesy thy never ending kindness.

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