If thou be Eos

It must have been a day of spring
Whence thou have I met thee
Other wise thought I how does it bring
Only bouquets of thistles and peonies ?

Never thought or believed it
That there is life again after death
Heard some people just do it
In the name of Leap of Faith,

And the moment thou hath shone
Bright like a beauty of a swan,
How I found in thee known
Stories of unknown land,

Where Love remains the same as here
Where people sing and dance too
How through thee have I found
The sky and sea how remain true,

How thou hath given me
That voice to only cheer
Which is God's wish too
Quite silent and clear,

And that moment whence thou
Amazingly doth declare
' I am She whom you want
What do you really fear'

How I find in thee
That primordial force
Which had given birth
To Life, as if thou art
Dynami Zois,

And that feeling how ensures
More for thee me writes
If thou be that Eos
I must be blessed quite.


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