Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Seagull and the morn

'My cherub art thou!'
Saying this the Seagull took a flight
Over the sea blue that glittered in morn's light,
I just looked at her so going away
Through the sea breeze finding her way
Beautiful as she looked white and winged
How she to dreams of unknown lands me  sent,
Her soaring to see was itself an act of joy
Seagull bright as she spread her wings! Ahoy!
I yelled at her , clapping hands like a friend,
Seeing her so wonderous , taking turns and bends,
Cutting through the air, with ease, so elegant
O how I wished to go with her to her land,
And the Seagull perhaps knew my heart too
For out of the sky white and so blue
She swooped down  fast  before me,
(Afterall called me she a cherub, hadn't she?)
And taking a round around my enchanted state
She flew up, up happy and straight,
Till could I see her no more
Morning whence touched me pure
With her light, her mirth, her beauty so,
O how I stood by the sea, watching The Seagull's glow.

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