Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Thinking of spring

As the winter slowly fades away
On glades as flowers bloom their way
I think of spring arriving quiet
Taking crimson the day's light,

Bees they gather in swarm in hives
They think of making more out of lives
They buzz and make on trees home
After winter as  spring does come,

Silkworms break from cocooned sleep
They draw patterns on green green leaves
Moths and butterflies take winged sense
From flowers they gather colorful pollens,

Cuckoos feeling the warmth in the air
Think of songs  they sang another year
Their hearts they with songs do fill
Spring as arrives after wintry chill,

The meadows by the hills get decked too
Wildflowers as there spring awesome view
Trees spread their branches to sky
With blossoms saying to winter goodbye,

And farmers from  fields freshly mown
Corns they carry happy as they own
Singing songs of fruitfulness
Spring as arrives quiet with her bless.

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