Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A day of spring as it brings

A day of spring as it brings
Flowers and gentle blooms
In thee how oft I find that room
And once there I go I sing,

Songs of blessed morns
Tranquil afternoons , twilight too
For all of them how leave the cue
And I keep writing again born,

I keep thinking of thy heart
How that holds so attuned
All that create poetic birth,
Over valleys, plains and dunes,

A day of spring as it brings
Happiness wrought by poesy so
I just think of Proserpine
And how She came to sow-
grains upon earth from the world
beneath, only out of  Her Love
With Ceres bound , for lesser mortals,
And I keep dreaming of thy love,

As spread on earth and above,
From mountain stretched to sea
From heaven of blooms  to lea,
All turning to thy wonder of Love.

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