O this music, this saffrony red...

O this music
Running down the spine like fathomless
Is it not a song of Love?
Is it not Peace of a white Dove?

O this running stream
This calm this serene dripping,
Is it not a birth dear mine?
Is it not a foamy wash of mind?

O this slumber eyes closing
This feel within off to sleep dozing,
Is it not a death for you dear?
Is it not loving deep you as if Near?

O this picture of trees happy in breeze swinging
O this feel of the moist in this mist evolving
Is it not like being lost forever?
Is it not like a birth within of a flowing river?

O this tune so monastic
O this sitting in light electrostatic
Is it not a lake deep placid?
Is it not a divine holistic beat?

Happening within,
Like relentless
Happening momentous
Happening fathomless...

Is it not Love?


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