That curtain trembling in my soul...

That curtain trembling in soul mine
Bathed by creamy gold, a biege, ashine,
It flutters by Your breath me knows
For in me you forever seedy songs rumbling sleepy wavy sow,

That wave ethereal slow like a tune immortal
Calm like eyes Your bluish an ethernet portal
Plunges me more into the Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt,
Closing eyes, ears, me in YOU a cottage with vines dwells,

That wind grooming soft the rise of a flute
Makes me more and more a display board with noises on mute,
This gale carrying fragrance of tulips of hills,
In me causes genesis of an aromatic love like a myth...

And me cast off my body, a flesh,
For me flies to You like a kite unstrung,
A song with biege so braced...


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