Will tread across salty sea, till me reaches...

Will tread across all salty seas,
Till me crosses the sorrows of sorrowful beach,
Till me reaches that mermaid's songs unleashed,
Till me reaches the flock of colored fish,
Till all desires end, and me becomes fully diminished,

Will tread across all salty seas
Till me crosses all pains of fleas, and mosquito bites,
Till me reaches the most wonderous lights,
Till me reaches where no fences erect lethal sense,
Till me reaches You forever like Eirene* dense,

Will tread across all salty tears
Till me crosses all meaningless fears,
Till me reaches no longer words like swear,
Till me reaches infant Ploutos ^ as held by only kindness,
Till me reaches perfect to deserve Your Grace.

(Note:  *Eirene: Greek Goddess of Peace,
               ^Ploutos: Eirene's son, )


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