Keep me songy birth, as mirth, at Your feet,

Keep me songy birth
As a mirth
As my offering
To Your Grace,
To Your Shine
Of a morn such breaking,

Keep me birth such
Like flowers of June, August, March,
As my death
At Your golden dewy autumnal happy Bed,
As the strings there within
For You mine keep me singing,

Keep me as a traveler's account
Insurmountable Hopeful You, to you bound,
As my journeys to Aimless
Your Wandering Wonder,
Your Height of a blaze, a thunder,

Keep me as stream
By You, the Gold,  woven and trimmed
Flowing, hindered, again flowing
Like life grows forever young, growing,

Keep me as a walk to Church,
To Your Mansion,
To your awesome,
As my silent prayer,
Of Love the Holiest
By You such blessed,

Keep me just a grain of salt,
A pure undiluted malt,
As my times glowing
Blown by Your windy perfumed a birth,
A seeded sowing...


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