Such a sky, cool, such an infinite a song,

Such a sky,
Capturing songs of God,
When arrives like a song,
me finds wonder
And happiness
And eyes opened sees
The infinite seas
Of Kindness His,
Falling like autumnal idol
Of a power incarnate,
The idea of Devi
The idea of Durga,

Such a sky
Capturing the holiness of The God's eyes
When arrives like a song,
me feels wonder
And Happiness
Of the Infinite His,
Happening all along,
The Idea of Autumn,
The idea of Spring,

O they happen all along...
Like the Sky eternal happens,
Like the cool breeze carries mirthful sense,
Like the misty air tells us how life is always good,
Like the birth of kash flowers happens for years as understood...

Such a sky,
Always begins such a day,
Eternalised in a moment.


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