Just a song, for an autumnal nightfall,

In silence,
With a lot of care,
Written bare
You with my rhyme
At a time
Whence Your
Holy Dew
To you me drew...
At that time the light
me was born with...

That time sweet
Again lining like a street,
Seeking You me evokes
Knowing how much broke
You me hath turned, by the circle-
Of life and time,

And me finds
Your sweeping love
Draping me,
This autumnal nightfall
Sending me to Your care,
As citylights lamp post like
with me you share,

And in silence
Your Temple in me,
me again senses-
Like your holiness,
A drop of a sleep,
On me soul,
Just like a song,
Filling my daily bowl,
Again, like always,
Arriving in multiplied strengthened
Varied pied Beauteous ways.


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