me poor selling love balloons to you, free,

poor, am i not?
Still me sells
Balloons red
Amidst the black and grey,
For me knows this grey and black
Just needs an edit,

So me sells
Like balloons
Of love,
In city streets,
For that is the meaning of Your Poverty...
For there you me reaches,
your red, your blessed veins of blood,
your haemoglobin,
your blue of bird like a Robin,
your blessed soul,
Your Best,
Your Silver,
Your Gold,
Your Strength,
Your Awesome,
Your Hopefulness,

So me sells...
Ballooons red
On city streets
Poor am i not?

(Note: the photo attached was taken by me, some years back, while going around my City of Joy,Kolkata;
I did an edit of the photo, using photoshop, to retain only the redness of those balloons, understandably.)


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