Wish to take you far, the freedom of this bright sky,the festive light,

Wish to take you far,
The free of this sky vast unmarred,
Forever where dreams come like Love,
Always where like peace flies the dove,
Wish to take you that far,
The free of this sky so bright and fair,
Wish to sit You where wavy mirth tides,
The hopeful festive light where celebrates always life,
Wish to take you that wide,
The widest of supersix highways,
Where breeze forever in me hair plays,
Forever where notes of music sing joy,
Wish to take you there, your eyes so coy,
And bedeck you with this Light,
With philos remake you Bright,
Wish to collect colors of butterfly wings
And sit you there amidst a revelry youthful green,
And make you feel the balm of music,
How in lines written me soul forever sleeps,
Where no wails, cries, shouts, quarrels reach
Wish there Your Holy me beseech...


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