Hands of God, feet of Goddess,

O You made me merry,
Like hands of God,
Like feet of Goddess,
O You made me a light trace,
Like a saffron orangey a dress,
Like a Purple Deep*, a haze,
O You made me ethereal string,
Like a jolly autumn, like a young spring,
O You made me strive
For more flight upward,
For more hopes blessed by You The Unsuffered,
O You how make me non linear,
Like eyes Yours sparkling like a river,
Like living without anything to drop a tear,
O You make me how a fixed firm,
Like a country boat, gliding arriving at a blessed haystack, a barn,
O how You her to me sends,
Like my road taking a joyous bend,
O Where have you been so far?
Where You remained so Unopened, a chapter?
Like writing all times there,
Like writing only dreams festive sung by a lyre...

(Note:* Deep Purple, the rock band)


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