You are like a swift shift, you are like a long sluggish note...

You are like a swift shift
Of fingers running on strings,
Plucking, strumming,
You are like a long drag,
A sluggish note,
O you Love divine,
You are like a scripted time, life remade,
As slow as an awakening of a blossom,
As fast as a mountain cascade,

O you are my wish,
my rise,
my demise,

You are like a plectrum flexible,
You are like a high bass,
A soft treble,
A leaf,
A page,
A feather flowing in the breeze,
A dream pasted on the top of a tree
Reaching up to feel the holy sky,
A glory dipped in perfumed state,
A road laid on stones as dark blue asphalt as fate,

O you are swift
A cascade,
And a slow drag, a note
Written in music, as a cloudy white float...


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