Sunday, August 25, 2013

Music borne by the wind, is music born within...

Seen that sky
So so beautifully bright?
Seen the scene?
Life is calling
To walkin'

Lets do a walkin'
Dear, holding hands
As walk the travelers to distant lands,

Lets no do talkin'
For no talking is needed
Now that the music is borne
By the wind, and we are born within...

Lets do walkin'
Just without thinking
For music does the thoughts
Music by we are inseperably wrought...

Lets just do the walk
No talk, only deep soul a merge
We take life to the billboard large...
Flappin' and no talkin'

For seen you the scene
The blue and the green
The red and the white
Seen you me and me in you
A flight to the impossible light...

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