Seen You in Your World...Aurora,

Seen You
In Your World
Of  Happy Happy Pale pinkish white,
Your room,
A casement opening to a dream,
A table white
Upon which Your flowery jewels shine bright,
A bunch of Your favourite roses,
White kept on a vase grecian,
Like a bevy of sublime beauty,

Your satiety,
In your standing gait,
Your white flowing gown,
Your curtain a light brown,
Like a Paradise,
A Heaven so real,

Seen you
In your blessed state,
So happy,
As if in dream
you have already taken
A walking,

And believe it
Or not,
me also walks
Beside The Tiber,
The Ganges...

For there
In moments
me in art catches your satiety...
The Goddess of Light,


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