A night such deified, calls to me to fade away,

When a night such deified comes
A fading music me churns,
As churns Your tune,
As me catches wet even sand dunes,
When a night such happy retires
A fading last fills my air,
And me finds how Your piety,
Turns music to Eternity,
When a night such splendour sings
Fills me with your unheard strings,
me hears only restful Peace
Singing tales which me in last birth missed,
And me turns a night lighted fine,
and me writes dreams for your blessed shine,


me knows
By this window glass
How hope all dark demurs
me knows
By this rest sublime,
Flowing water having a tryst with this smallest time.

(Note: nothing mythical or mystic about it. It is all about an end of a blessed day, and a drizzling night descending, with hope, and blessedness. )


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