This morn, me sending you an invite...

This morn, me sends you an invite
To travel with me to the passage of  poetic light,
This morn, me sends you a letter,
To live with me life going from good to better,
This morn, me sends you illusion happy,
For me knows Thou guide me to be sappy,
This morn, me prays without fears,
To make you hold me hands to win happy tears,
This morn, me turns meself to wine,
Poured to help you live like silvery rained shine,
This morn, dear, is a morn to shrug off the dark,
For this morn, on streets, rained, seeds a divine spark,

This morn, me kneels You a prayer,
To get a bless to live in strings of Your lyre,
This morn, me bows to Your Courtesy,
For me knows You send cool breeze from the sea like poesy,

This morn, me sends all an invite,
To travel with Light, through the tunnel so silvery wet Bright.


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